Fly School with Anni - LIVE Online Course

taught by Anni Yli-Lonttinen

Course description

"The best part is that throughout the Fly School with Anni you are building your own fly fishing path and fly fishing strategy. That makes this online course so effective and motivating way to learn."

What Others Think of Fly School with Anni

" As a beginner in fly fishing I got lots of useful information, tips and tricks from Anni’s Fly School. In fact even my boyfriend who’s been fly fishing for years wanted to watch the videos with me. And in the end he was as excited about the course as I was! Great course for anyone who’s thinking about starting fly fishing or is already into it but want’s a new perspective to his/her interest. "

- Sohvi / Finland

" Fly Fishing with Anni was a great experience for me! As a beginner in the fine art of fly fishing, it is really easy to get overwhelmed by the amount of information and the work output necessary to learn how to fish. Anni´s fishing school has the great advantage of introducing everything gradually and smoothly, allowing everyone to learn and improve on its own pace. The one thing that pleased me the most is that while the whole course is complete and well thought, it is not time-consuming and is really easy to get along with. Anni being a great and enthusiast teacher also enlightens the school. Overall, I would say that this experience was a blast and I cannot wait to go and test the things I have learned on the actual field!"

- Alexandre / Switzerland

" One of the leading European fly fishing tackle manufacturer, Finnish Vision Group offers the full table of fishing tackle for a fly angler through our Vision and Keeper brands. Our focus has been especially on young and beginner fishermen. We take this task very seriously, because we know that if your fishing equipment doesn’t work well during the first steps, there is a risk of losing the motivation for this great new hobby.

And we always emphasize how useful it is for a beginner to join a local fly fishing club and learn and get tips from the more seasoned fly anglers.
For these reasons we are in cooperation with Fly School with Anni – online course. An intensive 6 week course online to learn the basics and after that heading out to the waters for fishing sounds like a really good way to start the best hobby in the world. ”

- Juha Koivu / CEO - Vision Group

Anni Yli-Lonttinen
Anni Yli-Lonttinen